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Hot Stone Therapy: A Treatment for Infertility?

We all think that once we are happily married and ready to have a baby we will simple get pregnant and voila! There’s a happy, healthy baby. However many couples find to their dismay and heartache that’s not always the case. When couples have trouble conceiving, they may consider going to a fertility clinic after they’ve tried other options. However, did you know that in some cases infertility could be addressed by a professional massage therapist? That is right…it is possible to increase your chances for reproduction through a massage therapy session. Why? Well, medically, massages help increase blood flow to the uterine region… blood flow that could help the uterus function better. And it also helps the women to relax and all of the system in our body respond better when we are in a relaxed state of mind.

Yet, what if a woman loves hot stone therapy… the type of massage where heated stones are used instead of a therapist’s hands? Can that offer similar benefits? It depends on who you ask. Holistic doctors would probably encourage Chinese fertility massage. With this type of massage, the principles of acupressure are addressed, which helps free up the body’s energy.

However, some massage therapists are very sensitive to metaphysical philosophies when performing their massages. In fact, one of the propagators of hot stone therapy, Mary Nelson, even based her special “LaStone Therapy” training on these belief systems.

In addition, a hot stone massage adds heat to the affected area. When this happens, circulation improves. This is vital for good health, especially in the reproductive region. Combine this with the concepts of acupressure, and a woman could substantially increase her chances that such therapy could help get her body revved up for conception.

But there is one factor that should also be considered. If a woman does become pregnant, it may be dangerous for her temperature to rise. This is why women are often told not to take long hot baths or go to saunas in their latter stages of pregnancy. Yet, that’s the ultimate keyword here… ‘later.’ Hot stone therapy probably wouldn’t have an effect in an early pregnancy, since there are many massage therapists that will do the procedure during this time. Then there are others that won’t do it at all, just to be on the safe side.

Either way, you will want to keep a close eye on your body during the time you get hot stone therapy. If you miss your period, get a pregnancy test as soon as possible. Don’t undergo any more hot stone therapy until you get the approval from your gynecologist. And, if they feel uncomfortable with you doing that type of massage, simply tell the masseuse to give you a more ‘traditional’ treatment. Save the hot stone until after the baby is born. Sure, you won’t get some of the additional health benefits, but your child’s development is much more important.