Massage Techniques for Beginners

Everyone wants more attention from their partner. As the saying goes, you have to give a little to get a little. A massage is a great way for partners to connect. It improves blood and lymphatic circulation, loosens tight muscles and releases endorphins and serotonin, helping your partner to feel happy and relaxed.

Not everyone knows how to give a good massage. There are a few tricks to know to make it a little bit better. If you want your partner to really enjoy the experience you should put some thought into setting the mood. It sounds cheesy but turn off the phone, shut the curtains, put on some quiet music and dim the lights. You want to create a comfortable setting where you won’t have to worry about being interrupted.

Find a good massage oil to reduce friction on the skin. Do not just pull something out of the bathroom cupboard. Moisturizers and hand creams absorb too quickly so you need to keep reapplying which can be disruptive. Vaseline is too thick and sticky. There is a huge range of cheap nice smelling massage oils available.

Be careful not to get massage oil on your partners clothing. Either have them remove their clothing or be sure to wipe up excess oils. The most important thing is your partner should be comfortable. Get women to tie up their hair so it won’t get oily.

There are a number of techniques but the key is moderate pressure. A massage it to relax the muscles not the skin. In order to avoid irritating the skin or tickling apply these methods below:

Soft and fluid strokes should be used to start. It helps to relax your partner. Use the palm of your hand and gently apply pressure to the muscles across the shoulders, upper and lower back. It is good on the tissue and feels pleasant.

Heart strokes: Using slightly increased pressure, place your hands flat on either side of your partner’s spine. Slide your hands upwards, maintaining pressure. At the shoulder blades move your hand to the side and slide them down the rib cage, making a rough heart shape.

Circle strokes: This stroke is very relaxing and usually a favorite with women. Place your hand flat on your partner’s back, apply pressure with one hand moving clockwise and the other hand moving anti-clockwise. Movements should be firm but slow. This stroke often leaves recipients feeling sleepy.

Kneading strokes: This is a little more complicated and there is room to end up simply pinching your partner, which is unpleasant. The idea is to squeeze the muscles in a gentle and rhythmic way. If done properly it can be very relaxing and is generally the preferred stroke for men. Do not use this stroke for too long as it may lead to discomfort.

The most important part of a massage is allowing your partner to enjoy it. When you finish give them time to relax and enjoy what you have just done. Do not just expect them to jump up return the favor immediately or you ruin the whole gesture.

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