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Benefits of Orthobionomy

Massage therapy in all ages has been used as a form of alternative therapeutic care which involves no drugs, needles and any kind of artificial enhancement technology. Orthobionomy is one of the many different types of therapeutic massaged used to treat various conditions. It is a gentle type of massage capable of putting the body in a relaxed state during the massage therapy session. It is also known as a corrective form of massage therapy used in improving the posture of the human body to prevent acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

If the body is in poor posture, the tendency is that the other parts of the body begin to carry the burden of the other parts that were designed to be in correct position. This is where the problem settles in. Muscles begin to tighten and stiffen while the joints restrict their movement and flexibility.

The developer of the massage therapy had his own perception when it comes to natural healing. Dr. Arthur Lincoln Pauls went through the therapy and focused his goal in achieving a connection with the emotion and pain in letting it pass by going with the flow of the pain. The meaning of his observation was simple. He devised proper positioning of the body that could not affect the condition; instead the therapeutic postures ease the pain.

In an orthobionomy massage session, all of the preparations conducted with the other massage therapy types are also practiced and considered essential for a successful and effective therapy. Preparations such as the type of meal taken before the therapy, the time of arrival as a preparation for the actual session, detoxification through drinking lots of water, and many other considerations prior to a therapy session.

During the massage therapy, the client is laid comfortably down a massage table. His or her comfort during the whole duration of the therapy session is checked and updated as a part of the principles and techniques.

It improves blood and oxygen circulation – due to the stimulation of the nerves during the therapy with the gentle massage strokes and techniques, the circulation is significantly improved which helps the client achieve a healthy constitution.

It helps relaxes tight muscles – the therapy is effective in relaxing any tensed muscle in all the affected muscle areas. Tight muscles usually cause muscle spasms that triggers pain. Relaxed muscles are essential if you are after flexibility, strength and mobility.

It relieves stress – orthobionomy also works as a luxurious relaxing method if you are after reliving stress, fatigue and body tension. This type of therapy due to its gentle methods of treatment is a good type of massage if you are after total body relaxation. Relief from stress helps the body properly in accepting the effects and benefits of a therapy.

It increases flexibility and mobility – in conditions such as injuries, muscle tightening, adhesion buildups and many more problems that affects the mobility and flexibility, the body becomes restricted due to the pain which hinders the optimum movement of the afflicted part.

Benefits of Russian Massage

Russian massage is a therapeutic massage which focuses on using the basic elements such as effleurage, petrissage, friction and vibration to treat various problems of the body. Most of these are injuries that affect the mobility, flexibility, growth, and health of any specific parts of the body.

In Russia, massage therapy was not used as a common medical care among the people not until the Second World War. Since then, the importance of this alternative treatment in healing, repairing and conditioning the body was regarded as helpful especially to doctors and medical practitioners. Russian doctors usually write prescription of Russian massage therapy to their patients to help the healing process and recovery rate to speed up.

Although massage therapy became associated with the treatment of doctors in Russia, the type of therapy never made mark in the other countries in terms of popularity. However, the therapy is somehow compared with Swedish massage due to the manipulation of the basic strokes and techniques used in the therapy. Both uses the four abovementioned hand strokes used in massage sessions. They also share the same pressure used which is gentle and slow to promote a relaxing experience for the client during the therapy.

In a Russian massage therapy, you can expect a calming sensation from the slow movement of the hands and their light pressure while you comfortably rest on a massage table. The slow movement of the hands stimulates the muscles which in return aids in the relaxing of any stiff muscle. However, the therapy involves firm touch from the therapist which is as an aggressive form of therapy.

After the gentle massage techniques, the body is opened up, conditioned and ready for the deep therapy on the muscles. The therapist then begins to manually manipulate the muscles and work on the repairing damaged tissues that were injured. Slight pain can be experienced by the patient for a short period of time due to the treatment of injuries in their specific spot. However, there’s no need to worry as the pain will soon settle down.

Russian massage was developed mainly for treating and correcting injuries. That is why most of the patients are athletes or at least active individuals who are always on the go. Most of them take the therapy as a healing therapy, while others are enrolling in Russian massage therapy sessions as preventive measures against injuries. Although some sessions last only for 15 minutes, the result is still the same as with the other types of massage therapies.

The therapy is very good in treating specific areas of the body that have conditions such as cardiovascular and neurological disorders, gynecological problems, gastrointestinal problems, musculoskeletal issues and many more. Regular session of this massage therapy provides significant improvements in the recovery and healing of a patient. Like all other types of treatment, it would be best if the patient stick to the prescribed therapy program for his or her benefits. Unlike other types of therapeutic massage, a consultation with the doctor or physician is not needed as the doctors themselves are recommending every patient to undergo in this type of treatment, especially in Russia.

Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy Risks You Should Avoid

Athletes and active individuals are the population that are constantly battered with muscle related problems due to overuse, injury, stress, fatigue and tension on the muscle, joint and ligament. Therapeutic massage aside from the use of drugs, needles, surgery, medical equipments, and other modern technology in medical care is perhaps the most natural and effective method of treating body pain and sports or work related injuries.

There are many types of massage therapies though that are specially designed for treating acute and chronic pain. Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy is one of these therapeutic massages that are effective and has a higher success rate with every session. It associates massage therapy with the trigger point therapy and other elements needed to improve the therapy. Fingers are usually used by the therapist to apply pressure on the trigger points all over the human body. This method releases the points and in return relaxes the muscle and relieves pain at the same time.

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The therapy was invented by Bonnie Prudden who herself was suffering from an injury which her doctor’s prediction was “no more skiing, no climbing, that she will be limping and she should never have children”. She was very lucky and blessed to be successfully able to pass that stage of her life. In 1976, she was able to complete the development and improvement of her therapeutic massage and was able to introduce it to the public.

Along with the success and effectiveness of Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy was the popularity of both the treatment and the developer, Bonnie Prudden herself. The therapy was acclaimed to be of 95 percent success rate everytime used on muscle related acute or chronic pain problems. However, it can also be used in patients with medical conditions such as AIDS and cancer. Arthritis can also be treated with this therapy. In treating such conditions, the client requires a minimum of 10 sessions to be completed along with the self healing program. The program aids in the speeding up of the treatment for both the masseuse and the client.

Although the therapy is quite impressive, it also packs along risks and contraindications that should be considered by anyone who is interested and willing to try Bonnie Prudden Myotherapy. Considering the number of board exams and the years of training under the Bonnie Prudden program, the risks are higher than the other massage therapy types. The risks and contraindications in this therapeutic massage should never be taken as they can do more damage to the physical health of the patient rather than doing good. That is why Prudden emphasizes the importance of acquiring their service. However, if you are seeking the service of a Certified Bonnie Prudden massage therapist, you can have a peace of mind and relax comfortably while having your massage therapy. If you are still hesitant, it would be better if you consult with a doctor regarding the health benefits and effects of the therapy program and the risks it may contribute to your current medical condition.

Three Main Importances of Having a Massage

Some people think massage or going to Spa is a luxury. Well, in a way yes this is a luxury that the body definitely deserves, but the notion that this is a luxury because of the excessive amount of money you spend for it is a wrong notion. There are various Spa clinics that offer affordable rates that most people in the working class can avail. There are even massage chairs that one can buy to have full and immediate access to a great massage in the comfort of their home.

Massage is not just a luxury in fact there are different advantages of having a great a massage and here are three of those advantages:

To help you get more energy - no matter how tough you may think you are, you still need some ways to vent out all the stress and worries you have in your mind. For some people it is through a great massage. They go to Spa salons and massage parlors to avail Swedish, Thai, shiatsu or Deep Tissue massage because they feel relaxed during and after the massage session. The body receives different kind of relaxation when the masseurs perform those various massages to target the muscles in different parts of the body. As a result, these people become more energetic and happy to face another day in their lives. So if you want to experience this and be energetic once again try to get a massage.

To forget about stress – work, school, relationships and other factors in your life can cause you so much stress and this is not good and healthy for you. You can start to have wrinkles all over your face because of the stress. So try to say goodbye to stress by having your favourite massage. When you are having a massage, not only your body is receiving the pleasure but also your mind. You will receive peaceful feeling while enjoying a good massage. This is definitely better than drinking alcoholic drinks to forget about your worries and stress.

To treat injuries and pains in your body – do you feel some pain in your back or neck because of long day at work facing the computer and dealing with different proposals and assignments that your boss tasked you to do? Well do not try to downplay this pain because this can even lead to worst injuries so do something about it and consult a physical therapist. A massage can treat different minor muscle injuries due to fatigue or stress. Don’t you notice that people who suffer injury treat it with massage therapies? Why? Well because it is really effective and even sports players who have been injured can attest to this.

These are the advantages of getting a massage. No doubt, you will feel good and light once you treat yourself to a spa or even those massage chairs available everywhere these days. Remember that it is important to treat your body and state of mind properly so you can perform all your tasks in your day.

What Is a Cat Massage?

Cats are adorable animals commonly pampered as pets in our homes. Like humans, cats also experience stress, muscle pain, anxiety and other types of medical conditions.

A cat massage is a type of therapeutic massage developed for the purpose of soothing the body, relieving muscle pain, boosting the immune system, and enhancing the mood of our furred friend. This type of therapy not only relaxes our pet but also strengthens the bond between the owner and the cat.

Evaluation is done to the animal prior to the therapy as a way of assessing problems such as abnormalities on the skin, muscular and skeletal system. Serious conditions can be traced through swelling which can keep the owner a step ahead for a possible visit to the veterinarian. The owner can also use this as a time to scan for parasites such as ticks, fleas and mites.

Cat massage therapy can help the cat become friendlier and socialized with every gentle touch and massage stroke. The soft touch of the hand during the massage can calm the cat allowing it to loosen up and less anxious about anything.

When massaging your pet cat, make him or her to lie down on your lap or on the table where you can properly conduct your massage strokes. Effleurage is a type of massage stroke that uses long yet gentle continuous strokes which helps in conditioning and relaxing the body. Use this on your cat to help with the preparation of the other strokes. Friction can also be used on your pet. In case your pet becomes bored during the therapy, scratching them on the back, on the cheeks, chest and behind the ears can help you make them comfortable and ready for the next massage stroke.

Start the therapy from the top of the head gradually going down to the tail. When doing this, make sure that you properly control the pressure you apply to avoid confusion on the part of the cat. Our pets may become anxious with just a little inconsistency in the pressure we exert during a cat massage therapy. Repeat the process from the head to the tail for several repetitions while checking again for physical abnormalities such as bumps and swellings. Refrain from applying pressure or massaging those parts as it can worsen those areas instead of recovering.

Circular motions with your fingers can be done on your cat’s body. This technique also helps in calming our pet although this can also be uncomfortable or inviting for other cats. Belly massage can be quite confusing to most cats as the stimulation of their belly is a sign of invitation for playing. In order to complete the belly massage, it is important to have control over the cat and let it know that this is not the time for play. Repeat the process until the cat gets the idea that it is part of the therapeutic massage rather than an invitation for a happy time. In time, our pet can get accustomed to the soothing experience and actually surrender their body for a massage therapy.

How to Do Basic Indian Head Massage Therapy

Indian head massage or champissage is performed mainly on the head, neck, face and shoulder part of the body. It aims in giving the client freedom from stress and tension while experiencing a soothing massage treatment. This therapy uses gentle massage strokes commonly used in a Swedish massage therapy.

Before performing an Indian head massage or any other type of therapeutic massage, it is important to prepare the environment, location, massage oil, and massage table or chair, and even your massage skills.

In order to give a successful, effective, and satisfying Champissage therapy, you need to set up and create a good mood inside the massage therapy room. Secure a room in your house where there are no distractions or noise during the session. Make sure that you and your partner are comfortable with the location and that the aura in that room is pleasing and positive. Scented candles, massage oils, and soft or instrumental music are options you and your partner would want to use to spice up the relaxing environment. Massage oil can greatly enhance the gliding motion which is mostly used in a head massage; however it can be uncomfortable to some patients especially when applied on the forehead. Indian head massage can be done without applying oil on the skin. Place the chair in your preferred spot and begin the therapy.

Most massage spas that offer this technique have their patients evaluated for abnormalities on the head or injuries to avoid problems. It would be wise if you also do this on your partner prior to massaging the head, neck, face, shoulders and upper arms. In case you felt anything out of the ordinary such as bumps or swelling, do not proceed with the therapy as you can only aggravate the condition.

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On qualified patients, you can start by massaging the shoulders to release tension and stress. You can simply do this by pressing the back of the shoulders in an upward stroke with your thumb. Repeat the process for at least three repetitions. Now shift to the neck area and begin by slowly stimulating the nerves with soft gliding touch of your fingers. This allows the neck to relax and get ready for a neck massage. Massage using your thumbs in a circular motion as you move up to the bottom of the hairline at the neck. Repeat this technique three times going from the bottom of the neck all the way to the top while holding your thumb at the bottom of the back of the skull. Slowly release and work again on the shoulders. After you are done with the shoulder massage, focus the therapy on the scalp. You can do this in a combing motion using your fingers. Spread your fingers and face them upward as you gently squeeze the head on the scalp using the heel of your hands. Use the palm and heel of the hand to vigorously rub the back and side of the head. Lastly, do repetitions of hand gliding motions from the center of the forehead down to the temple. Finish the therapy session by brushing the head using light sliding massage technique.

How to Perform Indian Head Massage

Champissage or Indian head massage is the art of lightly massaging the head, shoulders, face, neck and upper arms of a patient to give the body a relaxing experience. This type of therapy uses basic massage techniques that are effective and powerful in giving quick results and benefits to the client’s physical and emotional condition.

This type of therapy can be performed by anyone even without a formal education on head massage therapy. However, therapeutic massages like this have risks and contradictions which should be researched to avoid having problems instead of benefiting from the therapy. Infants are never qualified as clients for this type of massage as their head is fragile and not totally closed. People who suffered from head injuries should also avoid or seek professional advice regarding the use of this therapy.

When performing Indian head massage, you will need a quiet room that is free from distractions of any sort. Find a place that is comfortable for you and for the patient. You can use scented candles during the therapy session as this can add up in creating a soothing environment. Soft music can also be added in the therapeutic session as it can relieve stress. You can use any ordinary chair as your massage chair as long as it can fully support the weight of your client. Choose a chair that is comfortable and sturdy. Pick a spot on the room where you will set up the chair and the scented candles.

Begin the therapy by asking the client to sit comfortably on the chair. When he or she is ready, ask the client to follow you as you perform a deep breathing exercise for a few repetitions. This can make the client feel more comfortable and relaxed as you start working with the massage therapy. Indian head massage can begin from the shoulder by placing both hands softly and gently massage the back part of the shoulder. Do this in several repetitions. With each repetition, the pressure applied should be increased or set to a level tolerable by the client. Ask the patient to tell you if the pressure you use is too much or is creating discomfort. Gently do circular massage strokes at the back of the neck. This allows the body to release tension and remove neck pain. You can go back to the shoulder and work the top of the shoulders by rolling your hands outward in a gentle motion. Go back to the neck by softly gliding the hand from the top of the shoulder going to the top of the neck. Avoid applying pressure as you slide your hands on the neck to avoid damaging the vascular system. You can add techniques such as tilting the head forward and backward without adding effort to the process. This releases tension and stress on the neck and head area. Massage the scalp with the fingers and heel of the hands. Gently slide the hands to massage the forehead to treat headache and to calm the mind. Finish the therapy by slowly gliding your hands and fingers on the head down to the neck.

Is Balinese Massage Effective Against Muscle Pains?

Balinese massage therapy is regarded as a traditional form of Ayurvedic medical care that is popular today due to its effectiveness and comfort. This specialized therapeutic massage was developed for easing and relieving muscle pain, treatment of anxiety and depression, improvement in blood and oxygen flow, relief from mental and physical stress and many more.

During the early years, this traditional Indonesian massage therapy was considered as one of the most capable alternative and natural medical care. This therapy combines the effective application of pressure on the meridian through acupressure, correct manipulation of body parts with reflexology, stimulation of the nerves and the development of heightened senses of wellness through Swedish massage and the calm state of the body and mind with aromatherapy massage. Basically, it brings the best out of the several alternative medical practices in massage therapy.

This type of therapy has branched to various types of therapy that were derived from its traditional form and shares the same goal in improving the mental and physical condition of the patient.

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Balinese massage is popular in bringing the whole body and mind in a state of ultimate relaxation. Aromatherapy massage is considered as a form of natural treatment that uses the aid of essential oils to manipulate the senses and mood of the client. The scented oils as well as the scented candles contribute greatly in creating a wonderful working environment for the therapist and a good mood for the patient. Sandalwood, rose, jasmine, lavender, and chamomile are some of the essential oils used on the skin of the client during the massage session. Each of the scented oil contains vitamins and minerals that helps in soothing muscle pain, relaxing the senses, and enhances the skin.

During the therapy session where the patient is set lying on a conventional massage table or on soft and firm matting on the floor, the therapist conducts the various massage techniques on the different parts of the body. Essential oils are applied on the treated area to enhance the effects and benefits acquired with every stroke of the therapy.

Deep tissues all over the body are targeted during the therapy to remove muscle pain. Patients who are suffering from neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, and other muscular parts of the body can greatly benefit from the amazing result after a Balinese session. Ginger, lemongrass, or cloves are also applied on a mixture of essential oils to help rejuvenate the body from all types of muscle pain.

Although this type of therapy is proven to be effective against muscle pain, knowing your current condition and medical history should be part of your considerations before taking this therapy. It would be best for you or your baby if you know whether you are pregnant or not. Limb or joint problems should be noted and discussed with the therapist prior to any therapy to avoid worsening the current condition. Although Balinese massage contributes in improving the circulation within the body, patients with low or high blood pressure should inform their massage therapist during the evaluation procedure.

Massaging Breasts

Massaging breasts for therapeutic needs such as reducing scar tissue, lymph drainage from breast surgeries or for pain due to breast augmentation, can actually provide tremendous pain relief. But, how can it be done discreetly and professionally?

For Scar Tissue

Breast massage for scar tissue is performed around the scar tissue, not actually on the scar itself. Light circular motions and/or a perpendicular massage (called transverse friction) are often a part of the massage technique, used to primarily increase circulation and break up or loosen the scar tissue.

The massage therapy should not be painful, but may be a little sensitive, depending on when surgery was done. However, according to many experts, massage and stretching the axilla (area under joint, where the arm connects to the shoulder) is the best way to treat scar tissue.

Deep massage on tissue that has had radiation therapy is not recommended, but, because radiation changes the amount of blood flow to the area, light massage to increase the blood flow of radiated tissue is often helpful.

For Lymph Drainage

Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT) is a gentle technique that often provides relief and reduces swelling from lymphedema. Many massage therapists are choosing to study LDT in order to work with breast cancer patients.

LDT helps offer relief from soreness, inflammation and painful surgical procedure sites.

Techniques usually include long, one-direction, strokes to encourage the lymph flow and proper drainage.

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For Breast Augmentation

Breast massage for breast augmentation helps to prevent capsular contracture, which is scar tissue that forms around a foreign object in the body. Massage and stretching of the scar tissue not only keeps the area soft, but it also allows the space for the implant to move.

Techniques of breast massage are usually started within 3-4 days after the surgery, and are performed at least 3-5 times per week for the first 3 months.

They will include movement of the implant with massage, squeezing, and compression. Physicians will often provide written instructions to take home after the procedure, but many patients also choose to seek a professional massage practitioner’s help with more advanced techniques to address severe scar tissue and swelling.

Some massage therapists use a technique called cupping for breast health issues.

Massage breast cupping, when done correctly by a certified massage cupping provider, creates a light lifting of the scar tissue, decreasing pain receptors and allowing release of adhesions with very little pain to the patient. The lift of the cupping also increases lymphatic flow, reduces swelling, and calms and relaxes the patient.

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When used in conjunction with LDT, cupping can encourage drainage.

Always seek out a massage practitioner who has experience in LDT and massage cupping with breast cancer and/or breast augmentation patients. Ask lots of questions and make sure they are certified to do this type of massage cupping work.

Massage Therapy While Pregnant

Massage Therapy while pregnant can provide relief from swelling and cramping in the legs, anxiety, back pain and the stress pregnancy takes on the entire body. Mothers-to-be often report better sleep and less aches and pains.

The therapy can be performed on a massage table with a pregnancy insert or as a side-to-side massage.

Massage therapy during pregnancy, if received throughout the entire nine months, can help to reduce active labor and delivery time by 20-25%.

By improving muscle tone, helping tight muscles to relax (especially on a regular basis throughout pregnancy), and easing anxiety, massage therapy is actually preparing your body for labor. As you relax and release those tense muscles, you are conditioning your body for birthing.

Many studies have proven that massage during pregnancy provides less painful labor and can reduce labor time, complications, and the amount of narcotics needed for pain.

By increasing circulation and blood flow, massage can bring more vitamins, nutrients and minerals to your body, and to your baby’s body, making him/her healthier.

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Main Benefits of massage during pregnancy:

Reduces swelling and edema in the hands, feet and ankles
Reduces muscle pain, tension and cramping
Helps to condition muscles and increase flexibility
Improves sleep patterns
Increases blood circulation and helps the body eliminate waste
Decreases anxiety
Boosts immune system function
Reduces labor and delivery time

Can you get massage with a High Risk Pregnancy?

If you are in a high risk pregnancy, it is always best to discuss massage therapy with your doctor before looking for a therapist. He/She may also be able to connect you with someone who is highly trained and experienced to work with high-risk pregnancy patients.

What happens during the session?

The therapists will often do a brief medical history discussion with you before discussing what will happen during the massage.

The session may include Swedish massage (long, light strokes) craniosacral work (emphasizing work on head, neck, back and shoulders), facial massage, or reflexology (emphasizing massage on hands and feet).

A pregnancy massage session takes at least 60 minutes, but may go as long as 90 minutes.

The mother is surrounded with pillows for support and draped with a sheet and/or blanket for comfort. Soft, slow music will most likely be playing and the room will be dark, with very little light.

The massage will usually start with head, neck and shoulder work. Next, you will either move to your side for massage on the arms, legs, and back or turn over if there is a pregnancy insert in the table.

Massage during pregnancy, with the client laying on her stomach, is not recommended beyond 18-20 weeks. Side-to-side massage should always be performed at that stage.