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Transdermal Magnesium Oil and Its Benefits

There are many ways in which medication and minerals and vitamins can be transported into the body. At the end of the day they all have to get into the bloodstream in order to be effective. Many drugs are not fully absorbed into the body correctly for a variety of reasons. One reason is that metabolic enzymes destroy much of the value that these medications and minerals have for the body. Sometimes substances will bypass the liver and enter the blood via the pulmonary system or the skin.

In the case of transdermal medicine, substances such as magnesium oil are applied to the surface of the skin and then diffuse into the strtum corneum. This is where they build up a reservoir and then diffuse through the stratum corneum. This is when the magnesium oil is metabolized and bound to the receptors. Medical or healing substances that are applied are then transported to the subcutaneous fact, the circulatory system and then systemic absorption is achieved.

There was a case of a women who was in tears due to the pain in her hands from arthritis. She also has pain and cramps in her legs and she happens to be a nurse working in a hospital. Someone suggested that she rub some magnesium oil on the painful areas. Within less than five minutes her fingers started moving normally and the pain began to subside. Not much after that her hands were completely normal and the pain stayed away for a considerable period of time.

With regards to the transdermal application of magnesium oil, there are two factors that affect the effectiveness of this, one is the surface area of the skin and the other is the length of time that the magnesium oil is on the skin. Increasing the concentration of the magnesium oil on the skin will increase its effectiveness. By adding more to the surface of the skin,the penetration into the body is also increased.

It takes time for the magnesium to truly penetrate the body. The longer the magnesium oil is on the skin the better it will penetrate into the bloodstream. It might be better to apply the magnesium oil in regular dosages than doing it once in a twenty four hour period. Applying it three times per day every eight hours will probably be much more effective.

Baby skin is much more permeable than adult skin and therefore will better be able to absorb mixtures. Many people often add a magnesium oil mixture to the bath before bathing. Magnesium oil can be used for eye washes, oral and aerosol. This demonstrates just how versatile this mineral is.

Magnesium oil will be very beneficial for people who are in frail care centers and at the stage of their lives when they are nearer to end of life. Many people of this age have all sorts aches and pains. Care givers can use magnesium oil to massage their hands, back and feet. People at this stage of their lives should be able to see their last days out with peace and dignity. It should be important that these people are able to live as comfortably as possible. Furthermore, these people also need to have help in the way of care givers to aid them with their aches and pains.

All people require palliative care at some stage of their lives. This is the relief of pain for people no matter what stage of life they are in. Hospice care on the other hand is for people who are on their way out. For other people who experience pain for whatever reason, magnesium oil represents a good option for pain relief.