Choosing Your Variety of Luxuries At a Spa With Massage Stones

A spa with massage is a place of luxury, and one where massage stones are used offers an even more relaxing experience. You may have seen ads where spa customers lie on massage tables with basalt stones on their backs as they are getting hot stone therapy. What you see in those ads is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to getting a massage using stones.

The massage therapist uses either hot stone therapy, cold stone therapy, or a combination-style therapy where both kinds of stones are needed. Some spas only offer one of the choices. If your spa offers all three, it helps you if you understand the differences.

In hot stone massage, smooth basalt stones are placed in water and heated to a very warm, but safe temperature. The massage stones are placed on certain points of the body, particularly on the back. Some people like to have the hot stones placed in their palms or even between their toes.

One of the nice things about hot stone massage is that it can warm you up on a cold, winter day. Yet, it has other benefits as well. When the massage stones are rubbed lightly on the muscles, it produces a much deeper result. This is great for someone who does not like to be kneaded vigorously but wants the deep-down benefits of a strong general massage.

You can also get a world of help for various ailments with hot stone therapy. Your circulation will improve quickly. Your stress levels will go down rapidly as you relax. You can get pain relief from arthritis, and massage can even improve depression.

Cold stone massage is another choice at many spas. This type of massage is especially helpful if you have an injury with swelling and inflammation. The inflammation can be relieved to a large extent when the marble massage stones are placed on the areas of injury.

Cold stone massage also invigorates you, making you feel more energetic and alert. You will feel less anxiety, and your circulation will improve tremendously. This type of massage has a couple of very specialized uses; it helps with menstrual pain and sinus troubles. The cold stone massage session is one that you will enjoy and want to repeat.

The final type of stone massage is the combination therapy massage. Some spas offer a type of massage that combines using both the hot basalt stones and the cold marble stones. They are used in alternation, on various parts of the body, and in various ways to create an experience of completely luxurious and healthful relaxation and renewal.

Stone massage is based on ancient truths, but it is done with up to date techniques at your local spa. The massage stones, chosen especially for their smoothness, will relax you and improve your massage. Take advantage of this luxurious type of massage therapy next time you visit your local spa. Whether you go in for hot stone therapy, cold stone therapy or a combination, you will not regret your decision.

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