Benefits of Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage Therapy include a deep state of relaxation, release of tight, tension filled muscles and increased blood circulation to the areas which are massaged with stones. But, there are other amazing, unexpected benefits of hot stone massage therapy.

This is one of those types of massage therapy that, if you’ve never had it before, can really be a powerful experience.

The level of intense relaxation is that great!

Hot Stone Massage Therapy is performed with stones that have been allowed to rest in water that has been heated to around 120 degrees. Stones are placed in specific areas of the client’s body to open meridians (or energy pathways).

The heated stones are placed on muscles to warm them instantly and provide an immediate sensation of relaxation. The greatest benefit of this therapy is that it also allows the therapist to perform deep tissue work without unnecessary pain for the client.

Other benefits of this therapy include:

1. Reduction of Stress – As you feel the warm stones moving over your body, it is almost as if they are melting the stress away. Until you experience this treatment, you really cannot even imagine how accurate this description truly is!

2. Calms the Mind – Yes, massage therapy has this ability to take us to another place. Some even describe it as a one hour vacation, where we are actually escaping the reality of life for an hour or so. But, hot stone massage therapy takes us farther, to an even greater realm of relaxation. You can get so caught up in the heat of the stones that your mind releases the worries, stresses, and confusions of everyday life!

3. Reduces pain – Heat has this ability, because it warms our muscles and allows more natural blood flow (as opposed to the unnatural restriction of blood flow we experience with tight muscles) to make muscles relax. When muscles are relaxed, pain is reduced.

4. Releases toxin and waste build-up – Everyone has this buildup of toxin and waste around the muscles. Because the muscles are relaxed during hot stone massage, it allows the toxins to be “pushed away” and they begin their journey of exit from our bodies, and that’s where we want them- out of our system. Continuous waste and toxin build-up can lead to sickness and disease. So, get massage and send them on their way!

5. Increased blood circulation – Our blood carries the oxygen and nutrients needed for healing and basic survival. Tight muscles decrease circulation and increases the strain on your heart. This can make you feel tired and weak. With massage, and especially hot stone massage, there is an increase in the body’s oxygen, which increases red blood cell count, which helps to bring even more oxygen to your body’s cells.

So you can see how this treatment can go far beyond offering a deep state of relaxation, release of tight muscles and increased blood circulation. It may actually rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit.

Hot stone massage therapy is beneficial for patients with fibromyalgia, pain syndromes, arthritis, insomnia and many other health problems.

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